Bluetick Breeders & Coonhunters Association

1. BBCHA will sponsor Sectional Hunts in cooperation with recognized local Coon hunting clubs. These hunts may be sanctioned with any registry.

2. A BBCHA State Representative, Board Member, or National Officer will serve as the BBCHA Sectional Hunt Coordinator. The coordinators responsibility will be to serve as go between the Host Club and Wild Coon Hunt Chairman. The Hunt Coordinator will be present at the Sectional Hunt to sell BBCHA memberships, Blue Books, decals, hats...etc. The coordinator will fill out the BBCHA Sectional Report; take pictures of the King/Queen of the hunt and show. The Hunt Coordinator shall forward the results, pictures and monies to the Wild Coon Hunt Chairman within 7 days following the event. Failure of forwarding these reports and monies in a timely manner may result in the Host Club not being awarding a
sectional the following year. The Host club is responsible for all other details involved in hosting a licensed event. Pictures and results should be emailed to no later than 2 weeks after the the event or pictures will not be posted on the website or in the Bluebook.

3. BBCHA will promote the event in their columns that appear in many National magazines.

4. The Host Club will promote the event as “BBCHA Sectional Hunt” and is responsible for all expenses related to the Sectional.

5. BBCHA receives from the Host Club $3.00 per dog entered in all hunts, bench shows, field trials, treeing contest, and/or water races.

6. BBCHA will award four (4) trophies to the overall winners of the Sectional. (King and Queen of Hunt; King and Queen of Show)

7. To be eligible for the King/Queen trophies the owner of the dog MUST BE A PAID UP MEMBER PRIOR to going to the woods or entering the Bench Show. All dogs must have competition and be cast winners with plus points to be eligible for the King/Queen placements. In the event of a two (2)-night event the high scoring dog of either night will be awarded the King/Queen trophies.HOWEVER two cast wins takes precedence over one cast win. EXAMPLE: A dog with two (2) 25 plus cast wins will win over a dog with a 500 plus point single cast win. Dogs DO NOT have to be entered in the hunt both nights to be eligible for King/Queen placements.

8. The event will be reported in the BBCHA Blue Book along with the pictures of the King and Queen of the Hunt and Show.

9. BBCHA is not responsible for any loss and/or accident that occurs in relation to

Sectional Application

Policy on BBCHA Sanctioned Events