Bluetick Breeders & Coonhunters Association



To Create a College Scholarship Fund for young BBCHA Members

To encourage youth to own, train, breed, hunt and show UKC registered Blueticks and to actively participate in BBCHA activities on local and national levels. Instill sportsmanship and knowledge of UKC Nite Hunts and Bench Shows.

The scholarship program shall be conducted on an annual basis with the year commencing on January 1st and ending on December 31st of each year.
A maximum of $500.00 will be allotted each year for the BBCHA College Scholarship Fund.
$1.00 per dog entered into all BBCHA Sectionals each year will be placed in a special interest bearing account bearing the name BBCHA Scholarship Fund. This shall include all dogs entered in all UKC Licensed Events conducted at each BBCHA Sectional.

To be able to compete for the scholarship a young person must:

Hunt and/or Show a UKC Registered Bluetick in a BBCHA Sectional.
Be at least 13 years old but not more than 17 years old.
Be a paid member of BBCHA (individual or family membership)
Be an active paid up member in a local coon hunter's club or association
Be enrolled in an accredited secondary program of education
Select an adult member of BBCHA to serve as a mentor

A mentor shall facilitate the youth's documentation of requirements and participation in BBCHA Sectionals
A blank mentor form will be submitted by the Wild Coon Hunt Chairman to the BBCHA Sectional Hunt Director prior to the BBCHA Sectional.
The mentor shall complete the mentor form and submit to the BBCHA Sectional Hunt Director ASAP. 
BBCHA Hunt Director will then forward the completed mentor form with other pertinent BBCHA paperwork to the Wild Coon Hunt Chairman.

The Scholarship Program shall be conducted on an annual basis with the year commencing on January 1st and ending on December 31st of each year.
BBCHA President will appoint a Youth Scholarship Director.  The Youth Scholarship Director duties will be to serve as a liaison between the BBCHA Youth Membership and the BBCHA Executive Officers. The duties will also include but not limited to tasks assigned by the President of BBCHA.
The youth will be required to select an adult BBCHA Member to serve as a mentor.
Parents, Mentors and/or spectators may go with the youth to the hunting areas but must remain at the vehicle and not be with the casts during hunting time.

Points will be awarded at each BBCHA Sectional as follows:           

             ~   1 point for participation in BBCHA Sectional Hunt and/or Show
                    (Hunt and/or Show - 1 point for each entered)
            ~   2 points for BBCHA Sectional cast winner in the UKC Nite Hunt
            ~   2 points for BBCHA Sectional dividional winners in the UKC Nite Hunt
                    (Open Registered, Nite Champion, or Grand Nite Champion)
            ~   2 points for BBCHA Sectional divisional winners in the UKC Bench Show
                    (Open Registered, Show Champion, or Grand Show Champion)
            ~   2 points for being named to an academic Honor Roll at their school

The BBCHA Executive Officers in collaboration with the Wild Coon Hunt Chairman shall determine and notify the winner(s) each year.
In the event there is a tie, all monies shall be divided equally among the winners.
Scholarship winner(s) shall be required to provide proof of age and completion of an accredited secondary educational program.
To receive the scholarship monies a young person has won he/she must first apply to, be officially accepted and enrolled into an accredited post-secondary educational program.  Following enrollment, the scholarship winner shall notify the President of BBCHA of such and provide the mailing address of the appropriate financial officer at the educational program.
Upon receipt of this information the BBCHA President will direct the Treasurer of BBCHA to send the scholarship money to the educational program's financial officer to be utilized exclusively in meeting educational expenses of the recipient.
Scholarship monies must be utilized prior to the recipient's 21st birthday OR it will revert to the  general BBCHA fund.